How To Get Started with Content Writing Even If You Have Zero Experience

It’s no secret that the Internet is crawling with consumers looking to do everything from buying groceries to forming partnerships in business. Companies need content for customers to discover them. The good news is that you have a lot of work ahead of you as a writer. However, how does one become a content writer without prior experience? Read this blog post.

Kamran Karim
2 min readOct 25, 2022


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In 2013, I started working as a content writer after being hired to blog for a software development business. At the time, very few companies in this sector believed that B2B buyers would utilize Google to look for vendors.

Writing content was new to the software industry. And the business that hired me merely decided to experiment. To make a long story short, I was fortunate to be there at the appropriate moment.⁠

These days, there is a tone of employment available for content writers. Of course, if you are knowledgeable. If not, you will have to improve your writing portfolio.

The individuals supposed to hire you to need to see examples of your previous work, which is what content writers do.

Three easy methods exist for developing your writing portfolio:

1. Begin By Creating Your Blog

What do you have a strong passion for? Travel, food, health, the arts, technology, and sports… Hey! Perhaps you have a strong interest in gardening? Medium is an excellent place for you to start. Make it a weekly habit to write and upload a lengthy post to this blog. You can develop a writing habit by consistently blogging. Additionally, having your blog is a fantastic way to show your work to potential customers!

2. Apply For Internships

Many businesses provide internship opportunities for ambitious content writers. To find those, you can surf job websites. Internships for content writers are frequently remote, part-time jobs with pay. It’s a fantastic chance to learn new skills and land a job without prior work experience.

3. Create A Writing Portfolio

Without any client testimonials, getting your first job could be challenging. However, who knows — you might already be connected with a potential client. In such a case, you can request that they purchase a piece of writing from your Fiverr or Upwork account and then post a review.

You can find opportunities to work for free while you develop your writing portfolio. Is this a wise decision? I’ve done it before, so I know it’s true. Even if you created the post for free, your “compensation” would come in the form of the work it will help you secure in the future.

There’s never been a better time to start writing to support yourself than now. Do you write content? What led you to begin? Tell me about it in the comments.



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