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What Is An Industrial Computer, & How Is Industrial PC Different From Desktop PC?

Computers have dramatically changed the lifestyle of people all around the globe. Like every other sector, the computer has brought about a profound revolution in the manufacturing and industrial sector.

The computers designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing processes are called industrial computers.

An industrial computer can be well defined as a computing machine used in various industries, and manufacturing processes designed to handle a variety of industrial workloads for manufacturing equipment, and machine automation.

wing to drastic environmental conditions in industries, an industrial PC is made resistive to any damage by the environmental factors that are the characteristics of an industrial area.

How Does Industrial PC Different From Desktop PC?

The computers used in industries and desktop computers share the same basic components like RAM, central processing unit, storage media, network interface, etc. Just like a standard desktop computer, an industrial PC collects, stores, and processes information to perform different functions.

A desktop PC will fail to function if it is set to an extreme industrial environment. But an industrial PC is made resistive to conditional damage.

An industrial computer is different from a desktop computer in terms of the exploitation of the latest technology and ruggedized structure.

Applications Of An Industrial Computer

An industrial PC helps to perform diverse functions on a manufacturing floor such as driving and controlling the entire manufacturing process, running powerful automation software, monitoring industrial parameters, and handling other complex operations.

Industrial computers have drastically progressed in the area of automation for reducing human labor and time while improving quality with precision and accuracy at the same time.

Many industrial processes are directly relied upon by industrial PCs for precise automation control.

In addition, automated control systems are intended to ensure precision and better quality control. These computers effectively handle control systems for data logging, analysis, and inspection for improved production rates.

Reliability of Industrial Computers

Extreme temperature, dust contamination, voltage fluctuations, moisture, continuous shocks, and vibrations portray the image of an industrial environment.

An industrial PC is made ruggedized to endure these harsh and aggressive surrounding conditions and ensure higher durability, reliability, and long-term availability.

The internal components of the PC are made of alloy materials to withstand extreme temperature and vibration. The heat sink eliminates heat from critical internal components.

The fanless configuration makes an industrial PC appropriate for a dusty environment. A built-in protection mechanism protects the process from overheating.

Final Thoughts:

An industrial PC is a modern computer designed with advanced technology that enables them to withstand the harsh industrial climate and handle automated processes in the industries and factories efficiently.

At the same time, they remain unharmed by improper handling in industries.



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